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Slice Machine

It’s how you build the builder

Slice Machine transforms the way you code reusable components and lets you deliver them directly to marketers in a custom page builder.

Built for the way you build

  • Component-driven

    You build Slices, reusable website sections, as components in your code.

  • Local

    Everything from creating new Slices to previewing and testing happens locally without affecting your live environment.

  • Git-compatible

    You and your team can develop simultaneously and merge everything at the same time.

Integrates deeply with Next and Nuxt

We offer an unmatched integration experience that goes beyond simple data fetching. Slice Machine generates components and data models within your project's environment, enabling you to work more efficiently.

How Slice Machine works

Create your first Slice in minutes

Do your best work while Slice Machine completes some of the tedious steps for you behind the scenes.

Skip the initial repetitive tasks with boilerplate code

Slices are automatically saved to your project in your /slices folder with boilerplate code.

Dive straight into coding your Slices

Jump in and start adding your own UI code with your own custom styling.

Save time defining content fields

Model your Slice by adding or removing fields in Slice Machine. Your JSON model will be updated automatically.

No documentation diving to connect to our API

For each content field you add to your Slice, we provide code snippets to template that field in the component.

No back and forth between your code and the cloud

Speed up your development time with built-in features that let you preview and test locally. There’s no need to leave your development environment.

Preview Slices in isolation

Preview your Slices on different viewports with our local previewing feature: Slice Simulator.

Test locally without live content

You don’t have to wait for real content to test your build locally. Slice Machine gives you mock data out of the box.

From a Slice to a custom page builder

Ship what you’ve built in one click. Now your marketing team can finally assemble pages any way they want without your help.

Push all your changes at once

All changes between your code and the cloud are in one place, so you can sync them together with one click.

Help your team spot the right Slice with screenshots

Push Slices to your marketing team together with screenshots. Now they can easily choose which Slice they need.

Reuse Slices across page types

Make your Slices available on specific pages or reuse them everywhere.

Keep the momentum going

Customize all the little bits and pieces so that you can work more efficiently. No need to start from scratch with each new project. You’re welcome.

Roll your own boilerplate

Align boilerplate Slice to your own website conventions. Add specific formatting rules and use special styling libraries by default. Or simply start coding from scratch.

One component, many variations

Build multiple variations of your Slice, such as light and dark option. Give flexibility to your content team, maintain one component.

Reuse libraries across projects

Curate your own Slice library with all components you want to share or reuse across projects.

Slice machine. There's just nothing else like it. So easy for dev, it promotes best practices, and can be reused across projects easily.

Dan Spratling profile picture
Dan SpratlingFounder & CEO

This will probably be a VERY popular answer, but I love Slice Machine. I'd worked with other headless solutions before Prismic, but once I got to try Slice Machine, I realised how much of a game changer it was. I've not started any brand new projects with a CMS other than Prismic since.

David Fox profile picture
David FoxFreelance Developer

As others have mentioned (I think it might be the most popular answer) but it has to be Slice Machine. It really changes the game and helps Prismic stand out in the headless space.

Coner Murphy profile picture
Coner MurphyFreelance Developer

There are many headless solutions out there. You will need to spend weeks learning how the platform works. That was not my experience with Prismic.

David Leuliette profile picture
David LeulietteFreelance React Native Developer

Slices have to be the #1 thing, the customisation you can get with producing Slices for different clients is exceptional.

Jodie Doubleday profile picture
Jodie DoubledayFull Stack Developer & Founder

Slice Variations were and are a sweet addition; they give that extra little bit of customizability but keep the result inline with the design.

Reece May profile picture
Reece May

I don’t know that there’s another workflow that would let us get this far, this fast.

Jason Lengstorf profile picture
Jason LengstorfLearn with Jason

Let's build it together

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    Got questions? Have answers? Head over to our community forum to meet developers from around the world. Learn from them, help them with their projects, and start building together.

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  • Share feedback, follow progress

    We’re always shipping new updates to Slice Machine. See what’s new, what’s coming up, or submit an idea for a new feature.

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