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Page Builder

It’s your place to create

Customize the editing experience to your needs and start creating highly performant, on-brand pages with less effort.

How to use the Page Builder

Your editing experience, the way you want it

Team up with your developer to create an editing experience that’s just right for you.

Define your initial set of Slices

You’ll work with your developer to build the initial set of reusable website sections that you can later mix and match any way you want.

Build your brand right into your Slices

You build Slices based on your design system. Now you can only focus on content and watch it transform into pages that are always on brand.

Choose what you want to control

Ask your developer to add a tab with custom fields so you don’t depend on them or 3rd party plugins to manage SEO metadata or analytics.

Put your content strategies in motion

Prismic makes creating new pages an enjoyable experience and lets you scale what you do best: content creation.

Assemble your Slices in minutes

Start from your branded library of Slices to create as many unique pages as you need for any of your content strategies.

Thrive with a simple UI

Prismic’s Page Builder interface is intuitive so you’ll never find yourself in a tangled web of overlapping odds and ends.

Hosted media library with image optimization

Crop and resize your images, add alt text, and other metadata quickly. Images in Prismic are automatically optimized so you can have faster page load times.

Accelerate global content creation

Simple localization and translation workflow comes with any plan. Manage different languages in the same place, reach global audiences faster.

Ensure quality, release confidently

Ready to go live? Prismic has everything you need to make sure your pages are on point so you can release without a worry.

Preview your pages and site-wide changes

Ensure changes on a page or your entire site look exactly like you want them to. Share previews with your team to get approval faster.

Publish now or schedule for later

Publish immediately or schedule individual pages or grouped changes to go out at a specified date and time.

Jump into editing straight from your website

Use the edit button displayed on your pages to jump right into the Page Builder. Make quick changes and fix those typos.

Iterate quickly — we’ll keep track of every version

Prismic saves all drafts and publications of your content, in a simple view. You can always go back in time to publish any of your previous versions thanks to our revision history.

On your way to a more compelling website

Reuse your existing Slices, add new variations, or build upon your foundation — all with a smooth workflow for you and your developer.

Get new Slices quickly when you need them

As your website keeps growing, your custom page builder should too. You’ll never feel limited by your initial choices as you can always ask your developer for more Slices when you need them.

Expand your foundation with variations

Ask your developer for new options for your existing Slices — whether it’s a variation of your CTA you want to test or a small change to how you align text in a Slice.

Reorganize your page layouts on the fly

Experiment with different layouts for your pages. Add, replace, or reorganize your existing and newly added Slices on a page.

Prismic has empowered our marketing team to quickly implement changes to our website with a user-friendly interface, while our developers appreciate the endless flexibility of slices to create dynamic reusable components.

Matt Satell profile picture
Matt SatellDirector of SEO

Our content team moves much quicker in deploying web pages, as Slices in Prismic have taken us beyond simply templates, to re-using components of templates, making ideation to deployment move faster, without making compromises on the quality of our branding.

Yuriy Mikitchenko profile picture
Yuriy MikitchenkoGrowth Marketing Director

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