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How Prismic works

Four steps to a better website


It begins with a Slice

Slices are the building blocks of Prismic: reusable website sections that you build with your designers and developers, then mix and match to create flexible new pages without compromising your brand design.


Make it yours

Once you’ve built the Slices you need, and defined all their editable parts, you’ll do more than simply “manage content” — you’ll have a whole page builder, created by you and your developers, to your specifications.


Hit publish

Use your Slices to build stunning pages and launch effective campaigns. Enjoy more freedom, flexibility and independence, without worrying about developer resources or going off-brand.


Iterate and optimize

Test your ideas, tweak user experience, and boost conversion — all without sacrificing performance. Improve your site over time with small-scale iterations instead of big, template-wide updates.

It checks all the boxes

I didn't want our site to look like a template, like if we bought a theme. I wanted unique pages, unique content. Slices give me a standardized CMS so pages look unique even if we are reusing the same Slices over and over again.

Heather Robertson profile picture
Heather RobertsonSVP of Global Marketing

Our Software Engineers ship 10-15 Slices every quarter. Our content team's hunger for more Slices is growing, which is great, because we create better user experiences.

Arnas Juškevičius profile picture
Arnas JuškevičiusTechnical Lead

Prismic has empowered our marketing team to quickly implement changes to our website with a user-friendly interface, while our developers appreciate the endless flexibility of slices to create dynamic reusable components.

Matt Sattel profile picture
Matt SatellDirector of SEO

Our content team moves much quicker in deploying web pages, as slices in Prismic have taken us beyond simply templates, to re-using components of templates, making ideation to deployment move faster, without making compromises on the quality of our branding.

Yuriy Mikitchenko profile picture
Yuriy MikitchenkoGrowth Marketing Director

All you need for your work to flow

  • Slices

    Enjoy more flexibility than ever with reusable website sections for use on multiple pages.

  • Scheduling and previews

    Schedule your content for launch at off hours, and use previews for feedback and approval.

  • Full revision history

    Stay on top of everything that’s changed, and see who changed it. And go back in time if needed.

  • Localization

    Expand your reach globally with a simple, built-in localization workflow.

  • Custom controls

    Take control of the details, with editable fields for SEO, social sharing images, analytics, and more, without clunky plugins.

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