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Rob Simpson

Projects built with Prismic


Stryve aims to improve the cooking experience online, this meant focusing on important content and a dedicated cooking mode. Content models were carefully put together in Prismic which also streamlined the process when adding new recipes.

Stryve website screenshot


I worked with Etcho to create a high-converting, low-impact website for the conscious investor. With an 88% decrease in CO2 per view and a move to green hosting, the website is now in touch with their customers' morals.

Etcho website screenshot

Noughts & Ones

N&O needed a new website that would reflect their values in the environmental space. This meant building a website that was fairly lean, including a "super-eco mode" that would help educate users about the carbon footprint of the internet.

Noughts & Ones website screenshot


Klarian’s old website was outdated and difficult to manage. They also reported security shortcomings from being on the WordPress platform – all of these problems were addressed by building a new modern website using Jamstack technologies.

Klarian website screenshot

Kinta AI

Kinta AI were looking to raise funding from investors but their old website was outdated, lacked any real substance and they needed something quickly. We took a phased approach, launching a new homepage in ~2 weeks and rolled out the rest in total taking ~5 weeks.

Kinta AI website screenshot

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