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Kris Bogdanov

Projects built with Prismic


I’m working with Thirdfort to transition their static Gatsby website into a dynamic one using Prismic as well as move their blog and landing pages away from Hubspot.


Sharetribe uses Prismic to scale their marketing efforts and create new landing pages. SEO and performance are important aspects for them, so combining Gatsby and Prismic allows us to do exactly that.

Sharetribe website screenshot


I worked with the internal Kontist team to transition the outdated Svelte website over to a blazingly fast Next.js website.

Kontist website screenshot

The Watch Collectors Club

The founders of the watch collectors club website wanted a solution which is scalable and easy to understand as a non-tech founder.

The Watch Collectors Club website screenshot


I used Slice Machine and Next.js to transition Uplexis’ website away from Wordpress and utilise a large amount of Slice and Slice variations to scale their website and SEO.

upLexis website screenshot


I worked with Hivery to transition their website from Wordpress over to Prismic x Next.js with a revamped design. Their marketing team focuses on creating a large amount of unique landing pages, and Prismic makes this easy to do.


Ever since the website was transitioned from Wordpress to Prismic in 2019, Wildgoose’s marketing and developer teams have been happy Prismic users.

Wildgoose website screenshot


Miso’s marketing team uses Slice Machine to scale their rapidly growing business. I’m now completely hands off their website and I only collaborate with them if they need a new Slice developed.

Miso3 website screenshot

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